~ The Evolution Of Chess ~

Giuoco Piano Black Follied by Simon Jepps

The Giuoco Piano
In this position, Black has Follied his Knight to f8,
instantly granting him options onto g6 or e6
and perhaps even an f Pawn advance.

The next evolution of Chess is not the evolution of new pieces. It is not even the evolution of a singular piece. Nor will it be the evolution of sixty four squares unto a hundred squares, or more.

Aye, now behold the spirit of new squares and pieces, yet as if created only from the magic of the player's own hands.

For the evolution of Chess is purely, yet exquisitely, the evolution of its rules... unto a new law. A new law which brings a myriad of new Openings, a labyrinth of new territories, unlimited new worlds of adventure and a newfound wonder unto this ancient sacred art.

The Law Of The Folly

Follying, or; to Folly, is the practise of relocating any Knight or Bishop to the home square of its adjacent piece, during the first move of its adjacent piece vacating.

A Knight has one square option to Folly, which is the adjacent Bishop square.

A Bishop has two square options to Folly, one is the adjacent Knight square and the other is the adjacent King or Queen square.

Neither piece involved in a Folly may have yet moved. As its name suggests, this includes the relative flankside Castle.

Learn more about this amazingly inspiring new rule of Classical Chess, including new Opening studies, tactics and manoeuvres, the history behind the Folly's creation, and all from the very own words of its good creator at Yllw Chlk, the WordPress of Simon Jepps.

 A Folly in the English Opening

 A Revolution in the French Defense

«~° The Wizard's Dwelling °~»

The Law Of The Folly goes much deeper than what you may first appreciate, for it was invented by a Wizard.

Here now, learn of the greater magic which dwells within this Sacred Folly and the majestic wonders beheld by those who enter.

«~° Enter Unto The Wizard's Dwelling °~»

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